©2005 FMp™ FM.Produktions consists of Francesco D'Anna(Frakshen) and Adam Mork(sin0gen/Emergy). We met in highschool and decided to do some collaborations in which we began to dabble into the realms of Trance. Sophomore year (16) Fran started spinning drum and bass on our Highschool Radiostation 87.9KSFH. Adam started spinning at 17 with hard house influences from andy farley, alex calver, superfast oz, glazby, Morgan (bay area), denise, and of course Tronic. Recently our taste have progressed to Prog/House and Trance. Some of our influences are.//Armin Van Buuren, Andy Moor, Mike Foyle, Blank & Jones, Perry O'Neil, Olivier Lieb, M.I.K.E., Markus Schulz, Remy & Roland Klinkenberg, Kosmas Epsilon, Stef Vrolijk, Steve porter, and Marco V to name a few.

Latest Mix: Emergy - Eivissa

Style:Progressive House
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Summer 2006

This mix contains my favorite prog/tribal tunes, that remind me of that side of the island they call Eivissa.

./ Title - Artist

./ Clouds Go by(Chris Niteshake Remix) - Andrew K. & Simuck

./ Liquid - Roman Rai

./ Fade Out - Perry Oneil

./ Cosmic Cloud - Santaigo Nino

./ Tribalismo Samba Dub (Mijangos Remix) - Marcelo Castelli

./ Get out of my Sofa - Perry Oneil

./ Clearing the Mind - Matthew Deekay

./ Take my Hand (Dj Rollo Edit) - Peter Dildo

./ One of those Things - Nick K.

./ Open Sky - Storyteller

./ Silent Moment - Peres, Petersky

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