The Crazy Robertson Soundtrack

Style:Breaks, Electro House
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My whimsy of what might be in the headphones of the homeless skater in LA's prime strolling spot for tourists and movie stars -
Robertson Drive.
You can't miss this snarlingly catchy collection.
My tribute to John Wesley Jermyn
and to all of our 3 minutes in the sun.

- Jefr

"The Crazy Robertson" Soundtrack - Club Tales 102

1. Bump Uglies (fRew Remix) – Bass Kleph

2. Rockin With The Best 2007 (Original Mix/Don Diablos Remix) – Laidback Luke

3. Hideaway (Lockdown 187 Remix) – De'Lacy

4. Coming On Strong (Original Mix) – Jamie Fisher, Bill Jones

5. Pull Over (Dabruck & Klein Remix) – Noel Sinner

6. Heavy Water (Main Mix) – DMS12, Aniosis

7. Survivor (Original Mix)/Rubberman (Mike Dyson Remix) – Tiger Stripes/Jude Sebastian

8. We Love It (Original Mix) – Slyde

9. Rumpy Pumpy (Original Mix) – Mr. No Hands

10. Party Animal (Toni Jarvis Remix) – Mark Knight

11. NuTron (Original Mix) – Meat Katie, Elite Force

12. Replica (Original Mix) – Baunder

13. Gonzo Fuse (Original Mix) – DJ Icey

14. A Room Full of Cute (Original Mix) – Minuit

15. Still Here feat. Eska (Club Mix) – Stanton Warriors

16. Everybody Needs a Shrink (12” Version) – ILS

17. Punk Little Sucka (Original Mix) – Lisa Lashes

18. Fundamental (Original Mix) – Far Too Loud

19. We Want Your Soul (Original Mix) – Adam Freeland

20. Cherish (Adam Freeland Mix) - ILS

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