Smoke on the Water

Style:Breaks, Other, Electro House
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The rolling bass and synths
can't mask the power of rock vocals.
The stratocaster gives off a
modern universal relevance.
Rock indulgence is always
a virtual shrine to its rulers.
A small oasis of character
in a soulless ocean of sellout music.

Steppin out with the
rocktro hellraisers.

Rock On


Smoke on the Water - Club Tales 125

1. Where’s Your God Now (Original Mix) – Adam Freeland

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3. My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) – Feist

4. By The Way (Original Mix) – Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Si Paul

5. Inside of Me feat. Artificial (John Debo Remix) – DJ Micro

6. Let’s Dance (Original Mix) – Hi Tack

7. Kingdom (Ralphie Rosario and Jody DB Club Mix) – Dave Gahan

8. My Condition (Original Mix) – The Count of Monte Cristal

9. After Party (Dub Mix) – Plumpy Bitches

10. Ice Cream (Van She Remix) – New Young Pony Club

11. I Was A Punk (Before You Were A Punk) (Original Mix) – Blatta & Inesha

12. Waters of Nazareth (Original Mix) – Justice

13. H.A.L. (Original Mix) – SebstiAn

14. Never (Karl Sav Remix) – The Falls

15. Bad Taste (Original Mix) – Rektchordz

16. Kiss The Sun (Aeren San Remix) – Jen Lasher

17. Testarossa (SebstiAn Remix) – Kavinsky

18. Headbanger (Original Mix) – Fabyan

19. Dial 1 (Original Mix) - Classix

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