NYC Tribal Underground

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There's no place to hide
Bang goes the drum
and the city night comes to life...
The underground is all about
alcoves displaying glamorous bodies,
legendary black defined "dark attire"
The DJ commands the room,
never holds back the funky ass beats,
arms in the air.

Drums on Fire!
Mixin' for the night.


NYC Tribal Underground - Club Tales 123

1. Don’t Hold Back (Skylark Main Mix) – Joey Negro

2. I Want You For Myself (Holmes Ives Remix) - KOT

3. Basses Loaded (Original Mix) – 2 Smoking Barrels

4. I Got Love (Sabb Remix) – Roby Mannarini

5. Funky-Ass Beat (Joey Youngman Heat Index Remix) – Chuck Love

6. Irresistible! (Maurel & Fauvrelle Less Mix) - Superchumbo

7. The Jimmy Jam (The Sound Republic’s Government Cheese Mix) – Chris Grant

8. Rocking the Bass (Original Mix) – DJ Babalu, Rheitor

9. Elemental Funk (Original Mix) – Audio Criminals

10. The Rhythm of Life feat. Stephan Parker (Original Mix) - Muzzaik

11. Drums on Fire (Original Mix) - Tribalism

12. Electric (PKC’s Rave Remix) – Holm & Andersen

13. Naughty Girls feat. Monika (Etienne Ozborne Club Mix) – Cajjmere Wray

14. Pushin’ Beats (Stephan Grondin Mix) – Carlos Fauvrelle, Bailey

15. No Name (Original Mix) – Welldone, Rene Maker

16. Dibiza 2007 (Jaimy Tribal Mix) – Danny Tenaglia

17. Bang Goes the Drum (Original Mix) – Willie Morales

18. I Feel the Music (DJ Wope Dub Tribe Mix) – DJ Wope

19. Rock the House (Vocal Mix) – DJ Wope

20. Shaking (PJC’s Club’s Suck Mix) – Holm & Andersen

21. City of God (Original Mix) – Houswerks, Gaz James

22. Bottom Heavy 2008 (Phunk Investigation Instrumental DJ Mix) – Danny Tenaglia

23. Burning Spear (Original Mix) – Mad Mike, The Trinity

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