Kiss My Ass Harder

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Every house has a secret
reserved for your private enjoyment.
Keeping in mind the essential criteria,
the last 4 weeks have explored the spectrum:

Kiss My Disco - commercial/classic house
Kiss My Dirty Disco - less vocal but more house
Kiss My Progressive Ass - beautiful beats-melodies rule
and now we're all the way back...

Once you play this
Play it loud, far too loud...
I think you'll agree
Together we were ready to
Kiss My Ass Harder!

Mixing for Life

Kiss My Ass Harder - Club Tales 98
1. The Dark Side of the Frog (Original Mix) – Modeselektor

2. What’s That Sound (Original Mix) – DJ Sharaz

3. Chronic Break (Original Mix) – Agent K, Deuce

4. Have A Good Time feat. Acafool (CD Edit) – Aquasky

5. White Line (Original Mix) – Digital Base

6. Miriam (Original Mix) – Digital Base

7. Time to Sing (Original Mix) – Dilemn

8. The Clown (Original Mix) – AooooA

9. Sensation (Original Mix) – Shut Up & Dance Music

10. Open feat. JMS (Trevor Lovelys Open All hours Rejig) – Dub Pistols, DK

11. No Rockstars (Original Mix) – Hyper

12. Steelz Loves The Cock (Nectarios Remix) – The Beat Monkeys

13. System Static feat. Chris B (Original Mix) – D-Lerium & Faze

14. Play It Loud (Original Mix) – Far Too Loud

15. Let the Rhythm (Original Mix) – B-Phreak

16. Frequency Rebel (Original Mix) – Splitloop

17. Around the Edge (Original Mix) – Shimon, Nixon

18. Foley (Original Mix) – Plastic Shell

19. Conestruck (Original Mix) – Plastic Shell

20. Freeze Dried (CD Edit) – Backdraft

21. Whitenoise (Original Mix) – Shimon, Nixon

22. The Coast (Original Mix) – DJ Fixx, Tom Foolery

23. Loops & Tings – Relooped (Marco V Remix) - Jens

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