Feelin Licky

Style:Breaks, Electro House
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Chop Hot Flash!

Chop kind of sums up everything
It's the darker side of electro
the lighter side of breakbeat
There's a track on this mix that states
"The computer says no"
Yet chop flashes are all Ableton creativity
Building energy with the tracks
Choppin' your way to
dance floor hystereo.

Feelin' Licky tonight!


Feelin' Licky - Club Tales 133

1. Catch Me (Dada Life Remix) – Bart Claessen

2. Deep Breath (Original Mix) – Black Jackers

3. Sleepless Night (Miss Fitz Remix) – Macida Yayo

4. D.A.N.C.E. (Live Version) – Justice

5. Sub Station 88 (Original Mix) – DJ Icey

6. Sugarbyte (Original Mix) – Siriusmo

7. No Ordinary Girl (Zodiac Cartel Remix) – Sawtooth Sucka

8. Fisatec (Martin Schweizer Remix) – Egger

9. Closer (Original Mix) – Mijk Van Dijk

10. Busy Child (Sta Remix) – Crystal Method

11. Freak Untill You (ErikE Mix) – Youri Donatz

12. Computer Says No! (Hystereo Rebrand Mix) – JHz, Hyper

13. Regenschirm (Finger & Kadel Instrumental Remix) – Dein Mikrokusmo

14. Deadly On A Mission (Dub Mix) – Alex Metric

15. NY Style (Funk And The Punk) feat. AVH (Good Stuff Dub) – Sucker DJs

16. Keep Hope Alive (MSTRKRFT Remix) – Crystal Method

17. Looking Back (Original Mix) – Siriusmo

18. House Music (Original Mix) – Riva Starr

19. Feelin Nice (Kamisshake Remix) – Klod Rights, DJ Aleksij

20. Rhythm Is A Dancer (8 BB Mix) – Snap!

21. Licky (Work It Out) (Herve Get’s Low Remix) – Larry Tee, Princess Superstar

22. If U Luv Me (Original Mix) – Jewelz, Meesh

23. Komm Mit (Simon Blitz Remix) – Siriusmo

24. Fever (Tommyboy Dub) – Julie Dennis

25. Give It Up feat. Ragga Twins (Old Skool Style) Bonus Track (Michael Morph Legit Mix (Exclusive Beatport Mix)) – Aquasky

26. Crazy (Original Mix) – Sawtooth Sucka

27. Screwing (Original Mix) – Sawtooth Sucka

28. The Moment (Ludvig Faleij Dub Mix) – Aldous, Rexx

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