Drummer Boy

Style:Tribal House
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tribal jewels

Drummer boy is a must exit strategy
for your radio
Smokey and mysterious - a formal escape...
The coolest sounds in the business.
A spectacular reflection of the drumming energy
that never truly leaves our bodies
take possesssion of the tribal jewels!
Try to creat the feeling of
being inside the music.
Summoning the house gods to
change the vibe that informs our planet.


Drummer Boy - Club Tales 130

1. Drums Control (Capella) – Richie Santana

2. Bau (Original Mix) – Rhadoo

3. Una Historia D’Amor (DJ Chus & Ceballos Remix) – Luca Ricci

4. Jingle-Root (Original Mix) – Sansura

5. Hot Beat feat. Jessylou (Simple Tribal Dub) – Jessylou, Chia

6. How Do I Know?! (Original Mix) – Loco Dice

7. Go On (Carlos Fauvrelle De-Menta Mix) – Chus & Ceballos

8. Echoes From Doruma (Acapella) – DJ Chus & Pablo Ceballos

9. Dee-Licious (Original Mix) – Jon Silva

10. The Beat (Remix) – Gene Carbonell

11. Billy Says Go (Original Mix) – Audion

12. La llaha ll Allah (Original Mix) – Outersect

13. Woodstep (Original Mix) – Solomon

14. Mesala (Boncho Remix) – Circus Night, Oscar De Rivera

15. BIG (Jelo Re-Drumix) – Donald Glaude

16. Border Line (Original Mix) – Yann Solo

17. Gamero (Tribal Mix) – Kike Serrano

18. I Refuse (What You Want) feat. Damon Trueitt (Phil Weeks Robsoul Mix) – Somore

19. Banji Dance (Palladium Circle Dance Mix) – Cassanova’s Revenge

20. Cada Vez 2007 (DON Tekk Remix) – Stereo Palma

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