Club Tales 49

Venue:Root Society - Burning Man ...
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Jefr's set from Saturday night at Root Society - Burning Man 2006

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Jefr Tale – Discover the Beats

Mindkillers - KPAXX
How Deep - MR G
Girls on Top - Scratch massive
Never Enough - Brian Gionfriddo
Darkside of the beat - Nicola Gala
Can you hear me - Tom Sawyer
Mangomania - Cormono
Storm from the East - ils
You are all up in my head - 30 HZ
Slam Pig - Body Snatchers
Mad Eye – So Bizarre - Adam Beyer
Girl… you got it goin! - (white) long mix
Trouble @ the mill - Cotton Club
Phazon - Bill Hamel
Snake fight - Phil Kieran
One solid wave - Randy Katona
Not agree - Pablo
The Survivor - Willerby
Crazy Things - Blim
Bouncin off the walls - Nine Lives
Building something funky - Funky Technician
The Mutalisk - Marko V