Bass Confessions

Style:Breaks, Progressive House
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Confessions of a house DJ.
It is safe, if cliche'd, to bet that the average person has never been in the path of this giant house music genre.
Inspired by life--life BEYOND hip hop--can be startlingly vibrant! I believe that we fail to hear and truely appreciate unless we venture out into the "wild bass". This house just keeps on twitchin...

Mixing for life

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BASS Confessions - Club Tales 84

1. Twitch feat. Divine Black & ZKI (tease) - J-Break

2. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy (Original Mix) – Deerk Hollaender

3. System (Original Mix) – D. Ramirez, Mark Knight

4. Woskip (Part Two)/Enoi (Original Mix) – G.D.R./Ame

5. Heart of Darkness (Original Mix) – Elite Force

6. The Theme (The Rogue Element Remix) – Unique 3

7. Get Ready (Original Mix) /The Drip (Original Mix) – Hipp-E/Groove Allegiance

8. High Plains Drifter (Original Mix) – DJ Icey

9. Through the Door (DJ Icey Remix) – Krafty Cuts, DJ Icey

10. Unsung Hero (Original Mix) – Elite Force

11. Dis Shire (Move Ya! & Steve Lavers Remix) – Peo De Pitte

12. Chronic Bass (Original Mix) - Momenta

13. Go Easy (Original Mix) – Break the Box

14. Calm (Original Mix) – The Rogue Element

15. Twitch feat. Divine Black & ZKI (D-Lerium & Faze Remix) - J-Break

16. The Breaks (Pierre J’s Cut Up Mix) - Skybox

17. Damn that DJ (Original Mix) – Statyk

18. Both Knees (Breakfastaz Remix) - Splitloop

19. My Style (Original Mix) /Elastic Funk (Original Mix) – The Rogue Element/Break the Box

20. Love Your Life (Tayo Remix) – Ed Solo, Skool of Thought

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