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Jaime James’ foray into the DJ scene began during the mid-80s in Northern California. Though he was affiliated with various DJ crews, including Ladda Sounds, it wasn’t until his younger brother brought home a pair of rickety belt-drive Technics and a beat-up 2-channel mixer that things truly began. Back then, his vinyl record purchasing habit leaned heavily into hip hop.

Things gained momentum after the unfortunate passing of the DJ and owner of Divine Styles Productions; Jaime and his brother subsequently assumed ownership and continued to DJ, also providing sound and lighting reinforcement. Their many gigs in the ‘90s encompassed weddings, debutante balls, school proms, collegiate events, gigs at nightclubs 111 Minna, Club X, Il Pirata, and DJ/Production showcases, most notably the '92 Battle of the Bay-DJ’s Extravaganza.

After a nearly ten-year hiatus and with mobile DJing far behind him, Jaime returned to the scene in the Spring of 2005, with a calling to dance music. He DJ’s under his birth name, Jaime James, and occasionally under the alias Gaijin. Jaime’s mixing style blends minimal, techno, tech-house, and other dance genres he feels will move the crowd.

Since his return, Jaime has DJ’d numerous underground events and clubs around the San Francisco Bay Area. Venues include 222 Club, Shine SF, Supperclub, TEN15, Wish SF, and residencies at Anú Bar and the legendary The Endup which is where he hosts a monthly event called Spektikal. He has also DJ’d at events sponsored by the clothing stores Club Monaco, Nike, the national fitness center chain 24 Hour Fitness, Jane Magazine, and the 2007 San Francisco Fashion Week. In addition to an endorsement from Monster Cable Products (USA), he's performed during the 2007 Winter Music Conference (Miami) and the 2007-2008 Viva La Electronica-World Club Tour (Europe).

Jaime’s DJ mixes have been broadcasted internationally with exclusive sets for Borgradio.de -M2M (Germany), Danceradio.gr (Greece), and Radio 3 -RNE (Spain) while holding a monthly radio residency with Cybrix.de (Germany). With the attention garnered by his radio spots, Jaime’s DJ sets have been showcased from the likes of BangingTunes.com (UK), Blentwell.com (USA), DanceVibes.be (Belgium), DeepHouseNetwork.com (Ireland), DJScene.lt (Lithuania), DJSets-Forum.Bloger.hr (Croatia), Drom.sk (Slovakia), GrooveSite.com.ar (Argentina), HKClubbing.com (China), InTheMix.com.au (Australia), Kostenlos.de (Germany), Lekkerlui.nl (Netherlands), LiveSets.com (Netherlands), MPIII.com (USA), Radarr.Kiev.ua (Ukraine), Schranz.nnm.ru (Russia), SlikFM.com (UK), and Toxic-Culture.org (Cyprus).

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East Coast Techno meets West Coast Techno
Posted 2021-07-08 19:58:56

Older news...

Latest Mix: Endup In Ibiza-DC10 Circoloco Tribute Mix

Style:House, Tech House, Deep House, Tribal House, Other
Venue:The Endup
Size:251.98 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language
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Here's the first half of a 6 hour marathon mix from Jaime James' new monthly residency @ San Francisco's legendary nightclub The Endup. It's a dedication to Ibiza's Club DC10 and their Monday event known as Circoloco.


(Click "Download this mix" then "Save As..." & save it to your desktop or wherever. Play @ your discretion.)

Track Listing:
1. Lemos - Blow It
2. Bearweasel - Monkier (Solumun Remix)
3. Todd Sines - Awaken feat. Justine Seusser
4. Prompt - Elephant
5. Lemos, Kreon - Lookooshere (Wighnomy's Rollmops Rework)
6. Mihalis Safras - Interafrica
7. Radio Slave - Grindhouse Tool
8. Zhao - La Houle (Tunnel Remix)
9. Broombeck - The Clapper
10. Lee Jones - Aria (Tiger Stripes Remix)
11. Roberto Procaccini - This Morning
12. Monika Kruse - Changes Of Perception (Marek Hemmann Remix)
13. Seuil - Dance
14. Dennis Ferrer - P 2 Da J
15. Sossa - Pinansa feat. Nicole
16. Milton Jackson - Ghosts In My Machine
17. Sagat - Fuk Dat (Raw Mix)
18. Todd Terry - Jumpin (Remix)
19. Mr. V - Born Again (Instrumental)
20. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Yone
21. Johnny D - If You Read My Mind
22. Son Of Raw - A Black Man In Space (Sax Mix)
23. Mark Knight, Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Original Club Mix)
24. Josh Wink - Stay Out All Night (Organ Mix)
25. Inert - Proekt 23
26. Lem - Attenti Al Loop
27. Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr - Discoteca Butt
28. Lutzenkirchen - Afterhour Is The Pusher (Baby Chris Remix)
29. Format B - Full House (Dub Taylor's Humatronix Mix)
30. Martin Donath - Abstract Factory (Tim Xavier Remix)
31. Joseph Capriati - Little Man
32. The Ties - Home
33. TG (Tim Green) - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
34. Catrat - Freedom (Jay Haze Main Mix)
35. Kieth Kemp - Sorcery Rituals (City Club Mix)
36. Dop - Foly B-Schnitte (Remix by Robag Wruhme)
37. Elektro Heizmann - Zulu Zack
38. Matthew Dear - Hammers
39. Mustafa Avdic - Oelle
40. Damian Schwartz - 1568 Drexel AV
41. Roel H - Dancing Bears (Phil Kieran Remix)
42. Worthy - Mummer (Mike Monday Remix)
43. Maurizio Vitiello - Ufo
44. Danielle Papini - Church Of Nonsense

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