Slide Steppin - Astroglide

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This Trance mix is a little more "energetic" than I would normally do but it was a long week at work and I felt the need for something with a little more zip.

Enjoy ;)

1. Astral Projection - Pure Energy (Original Mix)
2. Airbase - Unity of Earth
3. The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go(Push Transcendetal Mix)
4. Adam White & Andy Moor Pres. Whiteroom - The White Room
5. Darren Christian - Temporal (John Johnson Remix)
6. Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (Classified Project Remix - Promo Vinyl)
7. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party (Dian Johns Bootleg)
8. Above and Beyond vs Andy Moor - Air for Life (Original Mix)
9. Chicane feat Tom Jones - Stoned in Love (Club 12'' Mix)