6am Trance Mix

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So I got home this morning after a good night dancing to Moby, MSTRKRFT, Danny Howells, Donald Glaude, Junkie XL, Tommie Sunshine and a whole bunch others...It was blast...but the only thing that was missing was some Trance. Armin and Markus Shultz are coming to town in a couple weeks so I decided to put this little mix together. I'm really happy with this mix as it is my first one that I did not pre-program. I just found a song that suited my mood and went from there. I hope you enjoy this mix, even if you don't like trance, if you work out or do a lot of walking this mix will get you going...and the last song is imo one of the best epic uplifting trance songs ever made...so please ENJOY!
Oh ya...no tracklist as this was done on the fly.