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Dj JayH's fascination with djing started when he was around 4 years old.He would sneak downstairs in the early hours of his Mum and Dads house and try and spin records by hand.Influenced with music such as bands and artists like Pink Floyd,Yes and Jean Michael Jarre from his father he started building his own collection as he grew older.

When he was 16 he bought his own dj set and played different styles such as House to Techno.Through the years he played in numerous events and parties,this developed his hunger to become a crowd pleaser.At the age of 25 the old turntables were sold and the djing became no more.After a few years of no djing he started to listen to Trance music,the urge for turntables came back with revenge!Under the influence of the sounds of hypnotic uplifting Trance Dj JayH decided to return to the decks and became addicted to his new love of Trance.This however was not enough for him he wanted more,he wanted to share with the world his music,this was when he was found by an internet radio site based in New Jersey USA called "Massive Groove".From there he has gone from strength to strength,gaining a fanbase from all over the world and developing a website for other djs from all walks of life to show the rest of the world the beauty of electronic dance music.

With the website born officially on october the 6th 2007,it has introduced fresh and up 'n' coming talent into the world of dance music,also attracting bigger name dj's to the site.The goal of the site as it always was is to provide unity in the dance music culture.Now gaining respect in the dance music world Dj JayH and his compatriots are now organising major events across the U.K and then eventually the U.S.A and around the globe.The stone has been dropped in the pond and now the ripples are reaching out!!!!
Posted 2021-11-21 05:01:13

Hi everyone,I've created a new website for those who want the best out of dance music,I have big name djs from all over the globe involved,with also some great and up n coming djs,artists,producers.We are always looking for more members and everyone is free to join.To find us either search for or copy and paste this address below.Hope to see you there,Dj JayH ;)

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Latest Mix: Spoon Fed With House Music

Funky House Tunes
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Well its been along time since I did a house set and well here one is.Nice little array of progressive,tribal,tech and vocal house.Hope you all enjoy!!!

Robert Miles - Children
Junior Jack - Da Hype
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Waiting For
Eve Gallagher vs Julian Poker - U Can Have It All
Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden - Our House
Oscar G - Le Tweak Take Me
Rene Amesz - My Favourite Barbie
Kleerup - With Every Heart Beat
Yves Larock - Rise Up
Gregor Salto & Ricky Rivaro - Real People
David Vendetta - Cleopatra

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