I have been into progressive and chinstroking house music for 7 years now. My first experience at Bedrock for the 2nd Birthday in 2000 was nothing short of life changing in terms of the music I heard, the people I met and the atmosphere at the club.

Over the next few years I went to many of the progressive nights in London (KhZ, Elements, Junktion, Audio Deluxe, Twisted Melon, Dig Deeper). I got to know what a great scene it was and it seemed like the right thing to spin a few tunes.

Through getting to know the Twisted Melon / Audio Deluxe guys very well over the last few years I have been invited to play at a few of their gigs. Warming up at Twisted Melon for Chris Fortier and Hybrid, as well lubricating the wheels of steel in the BabyBox at Ministry of Sound.

I thoroughly enjoy the time and effort I put into to finding the kind of quality music that allows me to play the warm ups, but I don't mind the chance to bang it out occassionally.

The music I play is a reflection of the good times that I have had out over the years, and I suspect will continue to have for a good while yet.

Enjoy the music

Latest Mix: BME

Style:Progressive House
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Bitrate:160 kb/s

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Well it seems my talk of demise was a bit too early...

Anyway, this mix has a definite beginning, middle and end. It has all been done in ableton but only in the live view and once through, no editing. I am starting to get to grips with it a bit more now (and my cdjs are all in a big pile at the moment).

Hope you all enjoy it.

Feedback of whatever description is always welcome and I also do weddings and barmitvahs.

Cue file will follow when I have time

Deep Collective - Durban (Original Mix)
Grigory + Anthony - Midnight (Emmanual Phaz Mix)
Steve Bug - Wet (Original Mix)
Derek Howell - Le Semilla Pequena (Original Mix)
Shiloh - Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren Mix)
Derek Howell - Jury Duty (Original Mix)
Tatana - Silence Feat Joana (Simon +_ Shaker Mix)
Deep Collective - Symmetric Taste (Original Mix)

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