Blurring the lines between breaks, house, and progressive is BPM's designated driving point. Coming up with a dj name was hardly a problem for Ben Peter Maccoll as even his initials fit the score for a dj. Somewhat of a covert operator in the Brisbane scene Ben has forged his way through night after night searching for that perfect sound. A personally modest view on djing, and how music should be delivered has proven Ben to be one of Brisbane's best kept secrets. Keeping in the shadows is a great way of avoiding all the steam that many dj's in todays world run off. For Ben it's simply all about the music. In saying that, should anyone delve deeper into the BPM history he's certainly got the credentials to back him up, not that he'd admit it of course. He's dj'ed alongside the likes of James Holden (UK)... twice we might add, Habersham & Numinious (US), Luke Fair (CAN), Desyn Masiello (UK), and more recently putting in superb performances at Paulo Mojo (UK), and Steve Porter (NY). As well as many other interstate and local gigs. With a firm career base like this it's quite easy to see Ben's grounding in the Brisbane arena has been firmly established, and will continue to grow in parallel with the blossoming house scene. Knowing that dancefloors need to be seasoned, especially in a city like Brisbane, is one fact that Ben has not let go of. Playing a range of seamlessly blended tracks to suit whatever floor is in front of him is just a beginning. It's extremely important today to have a diverse range of musical direction and this is something Ben expresses without effort. Coming from a rock, metal, and grunge background into drum and bass, breaks, and house music it's certainly been an enjoyable journey so far. Insistent with his sound and unrelenting with his technical ability Ben is constantly working to make things better. using a variety of media from vinyl to cdr's to now beginning to search into key mixing and Ableton live production. His sound now ranges from tweaky electro, upfront house, breaks, and progressive house and can be smoothly adapted on the night to suit the audience, a skill essential to any serious dj. Promotion is also one of Ben's strongpoints by being involved in establishing and promoting well known Brisbane nights GLOBAL, Logic, and Drop. From Brisbane to Interstate Ben has also performed in Melbourne at the massive night preSSure. Which boasts one of Australia's best resident line-ups including Sean Quinn, Jono Fernandez, Dan Mangan, and Keltec. His Melbourne gig tearing the house apart to the satisfaction of a packed club. He's also been featured on numerous radio show's including Crucial Cutz on 4ZZZ. On a personal note BPM's usually the guy at the side of the decks looking through the records, obsessed with finding that perfect track. He's always conversing, very approachable, and is certainly not one to be called pretentious. Next time your headed to a solid underground international house dj chances are you'll see Ben's name on the line-up. If he's playing be advised, warned, and ready, it's not something you'll want to miss.

Latest Mix: Oset

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Set i put together on my laptop while travel OS

Lee Coombs - Out Of My Mind (Unreleased Breaks Mix)* [Adrift Records]
Dave Robertson - 1 Dunk Wonder (Electric Press Mix) [Twisted Frequency Recordings]
Mashtronic - Got My FM** [Bedrock Records]
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Richard Vission Mix) [Warner Music]
Lutzenkirchen - Knight Moves (Meat Katie Remix)*** [Great Stuff]
Elite Force - Heart Of Darkness (Madox Remix) [Adrift Records]
Dark Globe - Break My World (B.N.M Remix) [GU Music]
Underworld - Jal To Tokyo (Paul Woolford Sunrise Dub)**** [Underworld Records]
Daniela Stickroth - Stopp! (Walter Ercolino Mix)***** [Meerestief Blau]
James Zabiela - Weird Science [Renaissance]
Unkle - Reign (Trafik's Stoned Rose Mix) [Global Underground]

*Elements Of Dave Spoon - At Night
**Elements Of Zimbardo - Killed On Wednesday
***Elements Of Flat Mode - Effect
****Elements Of Olav Basoski - Streets Of Moscow
*****Olav Basoski - Elektrik (Beep 'n' Bass-apella)

Other Mixes

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