Broken Out West (Way Out West Tribute Remixes Vol 1 - rough copy)

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This is just a rough draft of a WOW tribute (done in Ableton) featuring their breakbeat-oriented remixes of other artists from '97 onward through today. It may not cover them all but that is also down to one's discretion, since WOW tends to straddle the line between breakbeat and house. I shot for as many dubs/instrumentals as possible when compiling this mix but there is still a fair share of vox.

I originally did this in July but it needed some level adjustments throughout. Since then, files were moved around and the project file was botched in the process, so here's a normalized version of the rough draft.

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01) Art of Noise - Wet Dream (Way Out West's Excellent Extended Mix)
02) Lustral - Everytime (Way Out West Sunrise Mix)
03) Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke (Way Out West Mix 2)
04) Two Face Man - Sea Island (Way Out West Remix)
05) Lustral - Broken (Way Out West Mix)
06) Futurasound - Call My Name (Way Out West Instrumental)
07) Move - Around the World (Way Out West Mix)
08) Inner City - Good Life (Way Out West Instrumental)
09) Joi - Asian Vibes (Way Out West Mix)
10) Kosheen - Catch (Way Out West Instrumental)
11) Caspar Pound - Pioneers of The Warped Groove (Way Out West Mix)
12) Clanger - Seadog (Way Out West Remix)
13) Kosheen - Hungry (Way Out West Mix)
14) Roni Size - Share the Fall (Way Out West Remix)
15) SJ Esau - Fat Cat Track (Jody WOW Mix)