Adventures in Life

Style:Progressive House, Tech House
Size:98.00 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s

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This one was meant to be deep house, but I was distracted by some interesting stuff coming off the Tangled forum recently. Instead I've nipped in with a quick one drawing a lot of influence from there. I love tunes with subtle hooky squeaks and synths, so picked out a bunch and spent the past week seeing how well they'd fit together. Starts out warm, drops into a bit of snappy Tech House, gradually building nicely into some full-on energetic Prog. Spotters keep an ear out for a couple of marathon transitions, took a bit of practice on the old vinyl but can't let all these Digital upstarts get away with audio glory ;)

Prey For Peace - Aril Brikha
Original / Music Man Records 12"

I Feel Lost - Terry Lee Brown Junior
Original / Plastic City 12"

Move On - Envoy
Alex Smoke dub / Soma 12"

Shock - Bug & Tanzmann
Original / Poker Flat Recordings 12"

You're Mine - Chris Lum
Clean Version / Hooj 12"

Dooyoo - Eddie Richards
Original / KGBeats 12"

Powderroom - James Flavor
Original / Dirt Crew Recordings 12"

Machines Magic - Frank Beckers
Chris Micali remix / Flow Records 12"

Sentient Soul - Chris Micali
Original / Influx Audio 12"

Acid Expression - Tony Thomas
Original / Cubic 12"

My Blue Car - Robert Babitz
Original / Barbarella Music 12"

Bad Ass - Mooncat
Time Design mix / Forensic Records 12"

Fantasy World - Didier Sinclair & DJ Chris Pi
Original mix / Serial Records 12"

You Are - Christian Quast
Granlab remix / Broque 12"