perky, yeh?
Style:House, Breaks, Progressive House, Electro House
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still sufferin from new years in las vegas, so put this together as a pick me up! perky, yeh? not sure how to categorize these tunes, house? a really big house i guess, but these are some of my favorite tunes of the moment, please let me know if anyone likes any part of this, besides the picture :)

1. innercourse – human
2. dexter punk – fucked forever
3. royksopp – what else is there
4. valeryo and bram – orange juice
5. l.o.b. – crockett’s theme
6. probspot – blows my mind (micah remix)
7. Gabriel and Dresden – tracking treasure down
8. ballroom – remember me
9. d-nox and beckers – you’re a star
10. the clannish – Spanish
11. d2 feat. Dan diamond – bad habits
12. Stanton warriors –still here