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MixDepot.net was created in early 2005 to solve a problem frequently encountered by electronic music artists and DJs on the Internet. These artists host large files and would like to offer them to as many people as possible. With a traditional web hosting service, they may have plenty of disk space, but eat through their monthly bandwidth allocation within several days. They are then forced to purchase more bandwidth or jump to another host to keep their mixes available.

At MixDepot.net, download bandwidth is unmetered and we only charge our artists for disk space. We also provide automatic BitTorrent support during the first several days when a mix is the most popular to allow the greatest number of people to download the file.

Our mission is to provide the best tools and infrastructure to maximize our artists' promotion and distribution possibilites.


MixDepot.net's sister site, hybridized.org, was started in 2003 to offer free hosting to a small number of select, popular electronic artists. As the hybridized community grew larger, the Member Mixes forum was created to allow users to post links to their own mixes. Of course, the forum's popularity caused bandwidth problems for most of the artists, and led directly to the development of the MixDepot.net service.


Owner, Developer: Andy Grundman
Andy is a 25 year old software developer from Cranberry Twp, PA, north of Pittsburgh. He is currently employed by Computer Sciences Corporation.


Code: Apache 2.0.53 frontend, Apache 1.3.33/mod_perl 1.29 backend.
Forum: phpBB 2.0.11 with Category Hierarchy 2.1.0 mod
Database: MySQL
FTP: pure-ftpd
Bandwidth management: Linux 2.6 traffic shaping
BitTorrent: Mainline 3.9.0

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