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I've been an avid fan of the culture 'officially' since 1994 in Orlando Florida in the Pre- Breaks era..... back when everything was well over the top and unknown to the many. As a passionate fan and future dj of the electronic music underground I polished my sense of sound catching many shows and one offs in Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Interestingly, I remember each year's unique sound, culture and vibe. This is what I try to bring to the soundboard or mixer each time a production of mine unfolds. I consider my sound to be one of 'Fusion' between tech, prog. breaks, elctro, and atmospheric. I have a personal music history going back to 1974 when my love of music began...

My early music influences introduced to me by my highly musical family include Pat Metheny's Left Turn & Pat Metheny Group, Tangerine Dream , Yes, King Crimson, The Police, and many many more from that amazing musical era.

I have been spinning seriously since 1999 but have dj history going back to 1994. I began collecting my first records in 1995 and currently have well over 1200. I am an avid fan of digital and vynil format utilizing the Pioneer CDJ platform and the M-Audio MicroTrack recorder for digital recordings. My first experiences with Techno and the like go back to Early 1991 when I first heard early mix tapes from Europe! Wow....Sometimes I cant believe it myself.

Enjoy the many influences you will hear in my productions, and remember to find your zen. Triggering a zen or centered/connected listener experience, is the intention I put into every piece of my music or mixes. Sound Transforms us and is one of the highest forms of communication and energy we have discovered. It is light and sound together that transcend with us as a catalyst and a vehicle to greater levels of experience and spritual unfoldment. Tune in for more later and thank you for listening.

Latest Mix: djZen_Stellar 1 _Ableton_Live 6_dj_set_

Solar Drift
Style:Progressive House
Venue:Lounge Electric @ Amante Do...
Size:71.19 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s

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THis is my first Ableton Live Set. Amazin vibe on this I was totally emersed in the moment. These tracks are quite intense as usual,intensity is why I play what I play.

1_After Ibiza_Pig and Dan_Original Mix
2_Push Up_Plump djs Remix
3_Open the Gates_Deetron Remix
4_Wallop_Og. Mix_Richard Dinsdale_Wallop/Code Red
5_Under Construction_General Midi_Remix
6_Tranzient_OG mix_DJ Vibe & Vic Calderone
7_Burma_Sasha Remix
7_My Nightlite_Brandon Plank Remix
8_Vapour Trails_Matt Rowen & Jaytech_Hope Recordings
9_MOABB_2006_Re_edit_the Funk Lab_

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