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Techno: I love electronic music!
Beach: I love the beach!
Hippie: I used to be a hippie!

I have a passion for experience and music is one way I follow this desire. I first got the bug for electronic music in the early 90’s with a pair of good headphones and an import CD called ‘Hardbeat,’ although I firmly believe spending my first decade of life in the 80’s primed me for anything with a synth beat. I’m currently living a dream in sunny Southern California that will keep me in the area for the foreseeable future. The mixes I create draw from recent releases and tracks that help remind me of the awesome moments in life. I hope you enjoy them…

Rx...Take a smooth ride through the Channel Island Groove

Photo Credit - My man Kenny is a wizard with the lens...check out the rest of his work .SANCHEZ.

Latest Mix: Sunkist State

Style:Progressive House, Electro House
Size:104.00 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s
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I was walking through an orange grove in LA’s largest botanical garden inhaling the sweet, pungent aroma of orange blossoms when it struck me. This whole place used to smell like fresh citrus not very long ago! It is amazing how stark a contrast exists between modern Southern California and the not too distant past. Fragrant clouds have yielded to auto exhaust and the organized chaos that makes this place so beautiful now. Sunkist orange soda really epitomizes this transition as modern society has created a synthetic orange flavored drink more popular than the juice from which it was modeled. Present day SoCal, accordingly, seems to be a synthetic, more popular approximation of its original self. Maybe we should stop calling Cali the “Golden State” and start calling it the “Sunkist State”… Here are some dope synthetic beats to go along with this new callsign…

Yours Truly,

The Techno Beach Hippie

1) Sebastian Tellier – ‘Roche’
2) Dusty Kid – ‘Luna’
3) C-Jay – ‘80808’ (Jaydee Remix)
4) Tocadiso – ‘Streetgirls’ (Tocadisco Mix)
5) Tyrrell – ‘LALALALALALA’
6) Boys Noize – ‘Oh!’ (A-Trak Remix)
7) John Dahlback – ‘Blink’ (Dim Chris Remix)
8) Sebastian Leger, Chris Lake – ‘Word’
9) The Ian Carey Project – ‘Get Shaky’ (Ian Carey Vocal Mix)
10) DJ Tom – ‘Rock On’ (Mondo Remix)
11) Jorgenson Vs. VSD – ‘I Don’t Care’ (Club Mix)
12) Neils Van Gogh Vs. Eniac – ‘Slamming Doors’ (Spacekid & Lion Julian’s Slammin Electro Mix)
13) Nyquist – ‘Delctribe’
14) Day Din & DJ Fabio – ‘Rising Love’
15) Dubfire – ‘I Feel Speed’

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