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This is a mix I made for the Frisky Radio "Feel Ableton" show which aired November 6th. This comes from my dark side...techy,progressive, minimal and a bit of electro...but you might notice I still snuck in darker remixes of a couple deep house tracks I love. ;)

Frisky Radio "Feel Ableton" show:

1. Breathe Easy (Frank Savaro Remix) - Kevin Sunray & Agent Greg

2. Feelin' Hypnotized (Angel Alanis Electro Remix) - DJ Colette

3. Mass Destruction (Tom Middleton Cosom Mix) - Faithless

4. Black Market (Nudisco Remix) - Swoop

5. Inside Out (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) - Visionary featuring Mykel

6. Charly (Original Mix) - Pan Pot

7. Deepest Darkest Secret (Martin H Minimal Remix) - Lustral

8. Truth Is (Dub Mix) - Danism featuring Xavier

9. Rippin Kittin (X-Press 2 Remix) - Golden Boy featuring Miss Kitten

10. I Try (Sam Ball Remix) - Francois Dubois

11. Setup One (Original Mix) - Samim

12. Feedback From The City (Original Mix) - Neil Quigley & Nick Muir
featuring Nadine Khouri

13. Armed Contact (GoMeZ92 Bootleg Remix) - Pryda vs Deadmau5