Style:Progressive House
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This is the first mix I've done using only Ableton Live, and what an eye-opener it turned out to be. Now I'm past the learning curve of the software, I can have a bit of fun with the arrangements, but I thought I'd keep it understated for this mix. Lots of good stuff about at the moment, and I can't wait to get started on the next mix. Thanks for listening.

The .cue file, for burning this mix to CD using Nero, for example, is here.

01. Indecence - Musik Electronik (Four Robots mix) [Reversed]
02. Habersham and Numinous - Leaving Tifton (Digital Witchcraft's Miles From Melbourne mix) [Blueprint]
03. Blue Noise - Nine Volt (Original mix) [Slide Recordings]
04. Deep Mariano - Random Influences (FeralCode mix) [Sentient Audio Collective]
05. Flowjob - Wadley (Original mix) [Ibaga Records]
06. Jerome Isma-Ae - Heat (Original mix) [Jee Productions]
07. Nikola Gala - Nomad Soul (Original mix) [Stripped Recordings]
08. Luke Fair - Ultraviolet (original mix) [Bedrock]
09. Cue - Who is Who (Mix 1) [Undefeated]
10. Martin Garcia - Listen To The Other Voice (Martin Garcia mix) [Off Side Recordings]
11. Luke Dzierzek - Echo (Original mix) [Silver Planet]
12. Blade - Downward (Thomas Peyton mix) [Kumquat Tunes]
13. NOP - Pulsar 2 (NOP remix) [Bagshirt Recordings]
14. PFN - Coils (Original mix) [10Kilo]
15. The Rogue Element - Let Me Breathe (Original mix) [Exceptional Records]