Come With Me

Style:Progressive House
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Bitrate:192 kb/s

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This mix goes a bit deep and tribal, with the EMC and Stan Kolev tracks doing it for me. Proper, relentless, progressive house! The mix takes it's name from the Santos remix that ends this installment. That guy is clearly insane, and I've never heard a track like it. Brilliant stuff.

The last mix I did, Ignition, has had a couple of plays over at Frisky Radio, which is a big thing for me personally, as I've been listening to that station for years. Check out the streams from my links section.

If you're burning the mix to cd, the cue sheet for using in Nero, for example, is on the left. Thanks for the votes last time, and hope you enjoy this mix.

Out Of My System

01. Sylvia Tosun - Sleepless (Late Night Horny Mix) [Dusk Recordings]
02. Khans - Circular (Tim Fretwell Mix) [Hunya Munya Records]
03. Mike Hiratzka - Show You The Way (Chris Micalli Mix) [Open Up]
04. Seven by Eight - Sonify (Jhonny and Peps Mix) [Oryx Music]
05. Robbie Orifici - The Shout [Oryx Music]
06. Alex Dolby - Obsessive Sound (Dub) [Mantra Vibes]
07. Tantamanna - Talking (Original Mix) [SAW Recordings]
08. EMC - Gathering of the Drums (Original Mix) [Bellarine Records]
09. Stan Kolev - Total Control (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]
10. Productors - The Deep Show (DJ Remy Mix) [Electronic Elements]
11. Khans - Circular (Cassino & Laben Hurry Mix)[Hunya Munya Records]
12. Hernan Cattaneo - Warsaw (Original Mix) [Bedrock Breaks]
13. Ils - Angels (Santos Come With Me Dub) [Distinct'ive]