Tending to Infinity (Without Limits)

Style:Progressive House, Progressive Trance
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Bitrate:192 kb/s

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I created this mix exclusively for LimitMusic (http://www.limitmusic.com) to send to them as a promo CD. It was mixed mainly using Pioneer CDJ 1000 MkII CD decks and a Vestax PCV275 mixer. The odd tune was also played off my Stanton ST-150 turntables. I tried to make this interesting to listen to and retain a good overall flow. I'm still working on improving the creativity in my mixes but I hope you enjoy what I've achieved so far. As always, feedback is welcomed, be it good or bad, I would like to hear from you.



P.S. The artwork was designed by Lesley Woo (lesley [at] bettersitedesigns [dot] com)
P.P.S. LimitMusic's logo was used because the CD was created for them. However, if anyone at Limit objects then please let me know and I will have it altered.

Tending To Infinity (Without Limits)

1. Unkle feat. Ian Brown - Reign (Way Out West Remix) [Mo Wax]
2. Petter - These Days (Sasha Remix) [Trojan Records] *
3. Prince Quick Mix feat. Ekaterini - Everyday (Circulation Mix) [Distinctive]
4. Somnus Corp - Sistema De Fe [Instrinsic]
5. Benz & MD - Dilation (Original) [Release]
6. Esdeto feat. Legolath - So Real (Greed vs Mercurio Vaseline Dub Rub) [sogchrome]
7. Ty Tek feat. Cat Conger - Feel My Fire (Rick Pier OíNeil Remix) [Distraekt]
8. Dominic Plaza - Deeper Thoughts [VapourRise]
9. Ashtrax vs Michael Burns pres. Blue Haze - Something Into Nothing (Hamelís Last Time for 9 Voc Mix/Live Mikey © Mash-Up) [saw / GUMusic]
10. Ray & Peter - That Moment [Proton]
11. Steve Porter & John Debo - Deported (Heavy Mix) [Bedrock]
12. Tone Depth & Soul Tan feat. Stephanie Vezina - Broken (G.Pal Safe Haven Mix) [Swift Records]
13. Innate - Airbourne [Baroque]
14. Hiratzka & Kazell feat Shirli McAllen - Venice Dawn (Instrumental) [alternativeroute]
15. Lustral - Everytime (Nalin & Kane Remix) [HOOJ] **

* Used Prince Quick Mix Feat. Ekaterini - Everyday (Acappella) [Distinctive]
** Played with a second copy of Everytime