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I got into electronic music back in 1999/2000 (oh yes, the 'year of trance') when I was 17/18. We went to a few Radio 1 dance partys and I've got great memories of seeing Paul Oakenfold in Brighton with thousands of other people on the beach.

I started mixing music first on my computer and then I joined Get Decked, Warwick University's DJ Society. From there it was a downhill spiral! Vinyl addiction followed by purchasing some Numark TT200 turntables, which I upgraded to Stanton ST-150s in 2005. Currently I use a pair of Pioneer CDJ1000 MkIIs, a pair of Stanton ST-150s, a Vestax PCV275 and some Technics RP-DJ1210 headphones when creating mixes at home.

My music style has developed from Trance into Prog Trance and now really anything Progressive, be it house, trance or breaks. I prefer slightly more melodic and less deep prog, though.

I hope you enjoy my mixes and if you would like to book me then please get in touch. I'm always happy to receive feedback and will respond to emails. So feel free to rate my sets, leave comments and/or email me about them. If you would like to be kept informed of new sets, add yourself to my subcribers list.

Donations: Recently I've had one or two kind offers of financial support to help me cover my costs and for this reason I'm adding a PayPal Donate button below. Please do not feel obliged to donate, but if you want to then it will be much appreciated. Downloading my mixes is completely free, they are for promotional use only.

Should you wish to donate, click on this button:

Obtaining my mixes on CD: If you would like one of my mixes on CD and you are a promoter or run a venue then contact me with brief details of what you do and I will provide a promo CD of your choice free of charge. If you are not a promoter or venue manager then you are still welcome to a CD copy of my mixes but I would ask you to pay postage and packaging to your location. You must contact me first so that I can tell you how much this will be. This is merely to cover the costs involved, I am not selling my mixes and they can all be downloaded completely free of charge. Thanks for reading!

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Blended Beats on Danceradio
Posted 2021-08-01 18:29:24

I'm pleased to announce that DJ KiRA has invited me to do a monthly slot on Danceradio (www.danceradio.gr). It will air every first Monday of the month, 5-6pm UK time (that's currently 5-6pm BST, 12-1pm EST). I hope you can tune in!

Thanks to Nick (KiRA) for getting in touch with me!

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Latest Mix: Sketch

Style:Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Progressive Breaks
Size:141.00 MB
Bitrate:256 kb/s
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This mix is called Sketch, because the music paints the picture.

Shamelessly stealing a good idea, here is a brief rundown of what to expect. Firstly there's some layering of At the End and Calyx that I was quite pleased with and after around 8 or 9 minutes you get the full on vocal from the iiO track with the great breakbeat that accompanies it. Next up is the simply epic remix of Orion's Belt and after that we have Magenta Part 1, remix courtesy of Michael & Levan who are on fire at the moment. After a long transition, you're dropped into a great vocal by Spooky and then taken towards a more housey feel by Quiz. Next, it's into deep prog territory. Fortier's track is a classic and following that are haunting vocals from Above & Beyond and Girl Nobody. Finally, more of an uplifting feel from Midtone and 4mal, climaxing with a classic prog trance number provided by Mr. Kleinenberg.

I really enjoyed making this one, I hope you enjoy listening!

As usual, mixed with 2 x CDJ1000 MkII CD decks and a Vestax PCV-275 mixer.

All feedback gratefully received.


1. iiO vs. Slytek - At the End (Sat & Lee Howler Remix) vs Calyx (Neon Skin Remix) [Made US / Standby]
2. iiO - At the End (Sat & Lee Howler Remix) [Made US]
3. Stefan Anion - Orion’s Belt (The Emissary Remix) [Proton Music]
4. Lokitas - Magenta Part 1 (Michael & Levan Remix) [Pitch Music]
5. Spooky - Shelter (Spooky’s Refuge Dub) [Spooky UK]
6. Quiz - Delicious Company (Remix) [Midtown Records]
7. Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Deep Dub) [FDS Recordings]
8. Above & Beyond - Home (Tony’s Deep Mix) [Anjunabeats]
9. Girl Nobody - Careful What U Say (Rob Curtis Mix) [Release Grooves]
10. Midtone - Pearl (Original Mix) [Duty Free Recordings]
11. 4mal & Etiket - Tomorrow Never Comes (Original Mix) [Progressive Grooves]
12. Sander Kleinenberg - Venus & Mars [Combined Forces]

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