K. Kelley

Latest Mix: K.Kelley & Rob-E-Rukus-NuSkool Fools

Style:Nu Skool Breaks
Size:65.17 MB
Bitrate:128 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language

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Rob and I recorded this demo for the Carolina Breakbeat United III. The first half was mixed by Kevin Kelley, and the second half was mixed by Rob-E-Rukus.

Kevin Kelley
1. Flack.su: Todler (Blim's Cry Baby Rmx)
w/Outcast Loop
2. Smithmonger: Wipe it Properly
3. C38: Tempest
4. Lifecycle: Vocational
5. Factor-E: Start the Panic
6. D-Ranged: A Love Song
7. Interlude

8. Cut n Run: Pink
9. Gorilla Tactics: Baddest Motherfucker
10. Ed 209: Infectious (Distortionz Rmx)
11. Mr. Impact: Frequency
12. Aquasky vs. Breakfastaz: Goodsound
13. Far Too Loud: Specimen A

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