Tramp Stamp

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sexy back

Took a while to generate
a cult following...
The "tramp stamp" has become
a right of passage...
stamped as a dance code - "Sexy back."
Lurking just beneath the surface,
quiet simplicity with implied complexity
chic-ly embellished and elaborately carved
the tattoo that says I want... dance all night.

The sleek sounds of...oh-so-sexy.


Tramp Stamp - Club Tales 124

1. Late Night Worries (Norm’s Late Night Dub) – John Dahlback

2. Pump It Up (Funky Electro Mix) – Fabyan

3. Front to Back (Original Mix) – Wolfgang Gartner

4. Oh (A Trak Remix) – Boys Noize

5. Other Sight (PJC’s Blink Drunk Dub) – Sonic Cube

6. Experimental (Mox Codeta Remix) – Loic B

7. Exploration (DJ Adhe Remix) – DJ Fernand

8. Refresh (Original Mix) – Ryan Carlucci

9. There Is A God (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Remix) – DJ Chus, Pete Tha Zouk

10. Future (Dirty Funker’s Fused Mix) – Dirty Funker

11. Future (Nore Tee Dub) – Dirty Funker

12. Turkish Delight (Swen Weber Remix) – Juliet Sikora

13. The Opera (Original Mix) – DJ Luis Patty

14. Xperimental Scratch (Original Mix) – Libex, Giorgio Prezioso

15. All Mine (Original Mix) – Play Paul, Dennis Naidanow

16. Hot 4 You Rework (Alexander Orue Re-work) – Ale Avila

17. Give It Up For Me (Original Mix) – Sydney Blu

18. Metallic Orgasm (Original Mix) – Eric Tyrell

19. Zage (Original Mix) – Junkie XL

20. Human Animal (Danny Freakazoid Mix) – Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz

21. Number Cruncher (Original Mix) – Hook N Sling

22. Loud Enough? (DJ Dan Remix) – Mike Balance

23. Bounce That Ass (Original Mix) – Count of Monte Cristal

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