TA2s in Paris

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In lifes apparent random musical collision,
we find the essentially rough blended with the romantic side of bangin' house.
There's a great french expression -
"Coup de Foudre" -
When lightning strikes
in love at first sight.
When time stops between breath and heart beat (breakbeat)
A contest won without any contest.
TA2's is fashionable and cool.
Love at first bite.

Mixin' for life,


TA2's in Paris - Club Tales 99
1. Right On (Split Loop Mix) – The Freestylers

2. Rewind (Original Mix) – Subway Baby

3. 3 Bass (Original Mix) – Boys Noise

4. Pole Kat (Get It On) (Original Mix) - Introspective

5. Record Straight (Fine Cut Bodies Remix) – Neo

6. Elektro (Original Mix) – Santos

7. Wasted Music (CD Edit) – Aquasky, Rob Le Pitch

8. Falling Down (Kosheen DJs Remix) – Hybrid

9. I Make Beats (Original Mix) – Digitalis

10. Stop the Revolution (Kid Blue Remix) – D. Ramirez, Meat Katie

11. Night Fighter (2007 Remix) - Christian J

12. Gung Ho (Klaus Hill & Dopamine Remix) – Low Key Fu

13. Too Far (Napt Remix) –Freestylers

14. Flapjack (CD Edit) – Dopamine

15. Boom Blast feat. Yolanda (Deekline & Wizard Remix) –Freestylers

16. Who Wants Some feat. Kyla (Full Length Club Mix) – Tim Schumacher

17. Warrior Charge (Breakfastaz Remix) – Freestylers

18. Jewelz (Original Mix) – Baobinga, ID, Big Monster

19. Body Shot (Original Mix) – DJ Fixx

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