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dirty stalker house!

This is your chance
You've waited for weeks...months
to invade the popstar DJ's personal music collection
When the music is bangin
it brings out the stalker in all of us!
You are welcome in my house, anytime

- Jefr

Super Fan - Club Tales 106

1. Believe In Me feat. Layla Amini (Noferini Eivissa Mix) – Diego Ray

2. Stick Figures (Stryke’s Big Daddy Beats) – Rob Dowell

3. Dragonfly feat. JacQuita Rocco Mundo (Onno Remix) – Tom De Neef

4. Sexy Love feat. Kristo (Dub) – Mephisto Odyssey

5. Demons feat. Macy Gray (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Fatboy Slim

6. Bone Snow (Dopamine Remix) – Sam Hell

7. 69 Drums (Original Mix) – D_Munki

8. C.+.@.T. (Original Mix) – Stephan Panev

9. Higher Than A Skyscraper (Boy 8 Bit Remix) – Hybrid

10. When Farmers Attack (Malente Remix) – Mason

11. Shake With It (Bass Kleph Remix) – Frew

12. Love the Life (Dub Mix) – Dreadzone

13. We Left the School (Version 2006) – Stephan Panev

14. Jump Up Get Hype feat. Virus Syndicate (Dub Mix) – Baobinga, I.D., Big Monster

15. Heel of God (Original Mix) – Madox

16. Bring It On (Stanton Warriors Remix) – Goose

17. Pop Ya Virus (Original Mix) – Stanton Warriors

18. Artificial Inc. (Original Mix) – The Funk Lab

19. System Addict (Original Mix) – Plump DJ’s

20. Bollywood Beatdown (Original Mix) – Stanton Warriors

21. Struction (Original Mix) – Farace

22. Freeze Dried (Original Mix) - Backdraft

23. Asteroids (Original Mix) – Culture Shock

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