Stole Padmas Recipe

Style:Progressive House, Tech House
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Progressive Sauce

Yummy sounds
Simply out of this world
The perfect recipe for falling in love
with these killer tracks.
Mix in the haunting vocals on "Damage"
Stir in Fragma "Toca Me"
Add some "Mayan Spirit"
and a "Symphony" of progressive sounds
and you have my version of
Padma's Delight...
You will eat this up

Mixing for life


Stole Padma's Recipe - Club Tales 108

1. Proper Balance (Original Mix) – Consistent

2. Damage feat. Tracey Thorn (The Buick Project Remix) – Tiefschwarz

3. Seka (Francesco Pico Remix) – AMB

4. Perseverance (Original Mix) – James Zabiela

5. Metropolitan Fulltime (Tigerskin Remix) – Wollion Harada

6. The Dark Room (Original Mix) – DJ Ico

7. Mayan Spirit (Original Mix) – Glender

8. Flash Light (Original Mix) – Mora, Naccarati

9. Symphony (Original Mix) – Velcro, Ido Ophir

10. Toca Me (Inpetto 2008 Remix) – Fragma

11. Minion (Llorca Remix) – Shik Stylko

12. The Rising (Deadmau5 Remix) – Purple Code

13. Alright (Brad Carter Remix) – Red Carpet

14. Waiting For (Dennis Christopher JX Remix) – Peter Gelderblom

15. I Want You (Forever) (Jewel Kid Remix) – Yousef, Carl Cox

16. Teaser (Deadmau5 Remix Version 1) – Cirez D

17. No Sudden Moves (Original Mix) – Glenn Morrison

18. Chapster (Original Mix) – Nyquist, Maelstrom

19. Morumbi (Original Mix) – DJ Tocadisco

20. Knuckle Sandwich (Big Monster Remix) – Rico Tubbs

21. On My Mind (Mashtronic Remix) – Roland Klinkenberg

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