Solo Warhol

Style:Breaks, Progressive House, Electro House
Size:82.00 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language
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Progressive, artistic, beautiful...alive!

That image burned in our minds.
Edgy & uptight - loose & cool
The outside influences don't seem to apply
Alpha boy. Alpha girl.
Morally disposed to the party...and the music.
Turning things completely inside out
Cooler than we'll ever be.
Just let go...Solo Warhol!

Creating life's mix


Solo Warhol - Club Tales 92

1. Sweet Lullaby (Peter Gun’s Akasha Mix) – Deep Forest

2. New Light (Spooky’s Strobe Light Mix) – Spooky

3. Alive (Jimster Remix) – Hugo Rizzo

4. Shoe Monkey (Tom Real vs. The Rogue Element Remix) – Spoon Wizard

5. Sounds of Time (Original Mix) – Martin H

6. Beautiful (Jamie Fanatic Remix) – City Zen

7. Playmate (Jesse Rose Remix) – Armand Van Helden

8. Pow Wow (Dub Mix) – Tiny Stikz, Anton Fielding

9. Tom Tom (Original Elektro Mix) – DJ Alamal

10. Rush (Original Mix) – Alonso & Garcia vs. Karim Hass

11. Troyan Horse (Original Mix) – Gabriel Robella

12. In Control (Chris Micali Remix) – Vibrasphere

13. Floating (Alex Metric Mix) – Jape

14. Dancing in Dark Rooms (Shifter & Carvell Remix) – Quivver

15. Just Let Go feat. Jessica Grande (Baobinga & ID Big Monster Remix) – Simpleton

16. The Cat (Crookers Eurocrunk Remix) – Dusty Kid

17. Check It Out (Original Mix) – Force Mass Motion

18. Safety Dance (Original Mix) – Tiger & Dragon Ltd.

19. Bad Ass (Original Mix) – Claas Reimer

20. Cuttin’ Wax (Original Mix) – Special Forces

21. Pioneers of the Warped Beat (Way Out West Mix) – Caspar Pound

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