Room for Trance

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my first time!

Once upon a time
I thought trance had sold out...
The cheese ball vocals sent me elsewhere
But the dance floors speak...
Time tested themes:

-the vocals
-the builds
- the "put your hands in the air" driving bass

and the DJ names the world knows...

Trance has modern universal relevance.
And now there's convergence...
Trance is getting dirty
So my first shot at dirty trance funking!

Squeezing it hard


Room for Trance - Club Tales 131

1. Ride (Tiesto Extended Remix) – Cary Brothers

2. Innocente Falling In Love (DJ Tiesto Remix) – Delerium

3. After All (Original Mix) – Cafu, Martin

4. Dreambody (Atmos Remix) - Freq

5. Dive In Your Life (Album Version) – Ernesto & Bastian

6. Dirt (Original Mix) – Oryon

7. Waiting For The End (Original Mix) – True Lies

8. Dubbfunking (Original Mix) – Klubbheads

9. Thrill (Album Version) – Ernesto & Bastian

10. In And Out Of Love (Original Mix) – Armin Van Buuren

11. Come With Me (SVD Stripped Edit) – Gleave

12. Endorphine (Album Extended) – Stoneface & Terminal

13. Electro Fun (E Craig Remix) – Abel Ramos

14. Paradiso Rush (Tarrentella & Redanka Remix) – Rocco, Heist

15. Goodnight Sienna (Darkside Dub) – Stuart Millar

16. Spirit feat. Katie Marne (Original Mix) – Alex M.O.R.P.H.

17. Bass Thing (Original Mix) – Joint Operations Center

18. Smoke (Rough Mix) – E-Craig

19. Blue Sunshine (Sean Tyas Remix) - Nish

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