Red Carpet Chic

Style:House, Tribal House
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There's a little piece of celebrity in all of us...
As we move towards the light -
Watching the backlit crowd bumpin' in the place...
The drumroll buildup...
Pretend you're flying...
And then you're inside, engulfed in the new world.
An astounding cloud of music wraps around you
There in lies the tale...


Red Carpet Chic - Club Tales 105

1. Swept Away – Anonymous

2. Moonlight (Bass Beat Mix) – Alex Jr.

3. Fenix (Di Paul & P. Carrilho Remix) – Red Kone

4. I Don’t Belong – C-Jay

5. Sweat (Eddie Amador Mix) – Tom De Neef vs. Mochico

6. Throw Your Hands Up (Original Mix) – Stephen Granville

7. Free (Original Mix) – Juan Diaz

8. Never Seen Before (Part 2) – Rick Pier O'Neil

9. Not So Dirty (Phillipe B Remix) – Who's Who

10. Strict Machine (Peter Rauhofer "U.K. Mix") – Goldfrapp

11. I Need More (Club Mix) – Esans feat. Miel

12. Future Awaits (Joy Marquez Remix) – Miel

13. Dibiza (Kick Ass Mix) – Danny Tenaglia

14. Feel The Magik (Frank Pellegrino's Monster Mix) – Mike Ivy & Dave Rose

15. Swells (Colors & Chus Iberican Remix) – Sean Miller

16. Songs of the Ocean – Brian Laruso

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