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Vocal - Soulful - Scandalous House

I love it when a club gets so hot, it's rooftop venue takes on a life of its own. This was a legit Vegas cockail party. It was easy to swoon over the wall to wall people. Jet-setters in search of the next chic sound and discovering the sounds that are so familiar - groovy scandalous house with just the right amount of vibrant cheesiness.

As I looked out over the sea of happiness - I realized, all over again, why I'm a DJ.


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2. Don’t Ya Know (Johnny Fiasco Mix) – Atnarko

3. Deep Inside (Original Mix) – Hardrive

4. Morel’s Groove Part 4 (Let’s Groove) – George Morel

5. Ride the Storm (Original Mix) – Carl Kennedy

6. NGOM2 - Pimpin’ (Original Mix) – Olav Basoski

7. Da Bump (Ame Vox Mix) – Mr. V

8. Couldn’t Love You More (Kool Wah Master) – The Factory

9. Funky Love feat. Jackie Wilson (Born to Funk Remix) – Justin Michael

10. Talk of the Love (Original Mix) - Kidro feat. Double Exposure

11. I Found U (Remode Mix) – Axwell

12. Treat Me Right (91 Mix) – Taka Boom

13. NGOM2 – Easy Fix (Original Mix) – Olav Basoski

14. Keep on Jumpin’ (Original Extended Mix) – Corenell

15. Talk of the Love (Fat Block Mix) - Kidro feat. Double Exposure

16. Coracao feat. Jaqueline (DJ Juicy Remix) – Jerry Rogero

17. Phazers on Stun (Original Mix) – Strider

18. Electroclave (Original Mix) – Mario Ochoa

19. In the Sunshine feat. Erin Perry (Dan Rubell Extended Club Mix) – Dan Rubell

20. In My Head (ATFC’s “Timmy In My Head Remix”) – Bionik Phunk

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