Kiss My Wild Disco

Style:House, Electro House
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Party House

Retro clubbers - this is double happiness.
Reclaim the dance floor
No room for hip hop at this party
There's only ever been one music!
Mash ups, remixes, exclusive Jefr trax
Wild Disco still represents the status symbol for the uber house fans
The night music makes you beam at the bash.
I know you have to have this one.

Mixing for life


Kiss My Wild Disco! - Club Tales 101

1. Greatest Invention (Geronimo Mix) – Ricardo Da Costa

2. Canto Della Liberta (Mark Pellegrini Mix) – 3rd Face, Tribal Kings

3. Rock On (Viron Ltd. Remix) – DJ Tom

4. Deep At Night (Original Mix) – Ercola, Heikki L

5. Let It Go (Axwell Remix) – Dirty South

6. Wild Thing (Peaches Remix Main) – Tone Loc, Peaches

7. Give It To Me (Jefr Club Mix) – Rick James

8. Reach for Me (TV Rock & Dirty South Remix) – Funky Green Dogs

9. Poppin Beats (Original Mix) – Hatiras

10. Sunny Rain (Robbie Rivera Juicy Ibiza Mix) – Brian Cross

11. Tetris (Original Mix) – Kid Dub

12. Funk-A-Tron (Original Mix) – Hollywood Hills

13. Love Will Free You (High Life) (Original Mix) – Shut Up & Dance

14. Gatas, Gatas, Gatas (Scottie B Mix/Chernobyl Baile Funk Mix) – Edu K

15. I’m Standing (Thomas Gold Remix) – Francesco Diaz, Static-X

16. Party Train (Jefr Club Mix) – The Gap Band

17. Disco King (Original Mix) – Cerrone

18. La Machine A Dancer feat. La Compagnie Creole (Jerry Ropero & Dennis the Menace Remix) – Resense

19. Rise Up (Jesse Garcia Piano Mix) – DJ Disciple

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