Kiss My Disco 2

Style:House, Electro House
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Topless House!

I've been exploring this infatuation with pop house.
Do these songs have a purpose?
As the dance floor becomes a blur of tangled bodies...
you know!
The orderly result of a series of great house anthems makes you dance
put your arms up in the air
Party Meltdown!
Phunk with me!
Like any good house cat - I wait on the doorstep for you to take me in!

- Jefr

Kiss My Disco 2 - Club Tales 104

1. I’m With Ya (Joshua Heath’s Play That Bass Mix/Original Mix) – Troydon

2. I Need Your Lovin (Milk & Sugar Remix) – Casa Nova

3. It’s Love (Trippin) (Original Mix) – Southwest Beats

4. The Way (At Night Mix) – Klaas

5. That Look (Hani Dub) - De Lacey

6. Good Times (Original Mix) – Bazement Freakz

7. The Strong Rhythm (DJ Cyrtic Remix) – Chus

8. Tehe Party (Julian L Remix) – Kraze

9. Clean the Closet (Original Mix) – DEKKY

10. Ravemachine (Original Mix) – DEKK

11. Sunrise (Hoxton Whores Vocal Mix) – Hoxton Whores

12. Be (Instrumental Mix) – Steve Angello

13. Mesmerize feat. Haze (Vocal Mix) – Danism

14. Chaak Treatment (Original Mix/Squirrel Funk Remix) – Joey Mazzola

15. Piano Tight (Gold Ryan Mix) – Jamie Wamie

16. Cha Cha Cha (Peter Rauhofer NYC Edit) – Offer Nissim

17. Aye Aye Aye feat. C & C Music Factory DJ’s (Rivera & Civilles Juicy Ibiza Mix) – Robie Rivera

18. Everybody’s Free feat. Rozalla (Klaas Remix) – Global DJ’s

19. Fuckin Voices (Mike Perry & Stephan M Remix) – Distorded

20. Da Pump (Original Mix) – Greg Dorian

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