Hands Up Superman

Style:Progressive House, Electro House
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Bitrate:192 kb/s
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Powerful progressive - a thrilling house spectacle somehow devoid of arrogance.
Calling the superpowers to find forms of house music.
Witty, self assured and really beautiful.
Over the top appeal calling for all hands up...



Hands Up Superman! - Club Tales 86

1. Oh Superman (Original Mix) – M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade

2. Moody (Chris Micali Dub) – Island 9

3. The Sound of My Mind (Joy Marquex & Jay Montes Remix) – DJ Wope

4. Sweep (Jim Rivers Vox) – Blue Foundation

5. Callisto (Original Mix) – Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin

6. A Thousand Nights (Original Mix) – Gregor Thresher

7. Life Soundtrack (Radio Slave Remix) - Deetron

8. Prelude (Scalambrin & Sicily Pleasure Remix Island Style) – Joe T Vanelli

9. Clubtech (Original Mix) – Christian Fischer

10. Believe feat. Valeska (Original Mix) – Trick & Kubic

11. Let’s Go Juno (Original Mix) – Rejected

12. Raindance (Original Mix) – Steven Mestre/Wilson Santos

13. Bel Amour 2007 (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Remix) – Bel Amour

14. Why You Wanna Do Me Wrong (Denis the Menace & Jerry Ropero’s Club Mix)

15. Lanzarote (Original Mix) – Jesse Garcia

16. Sexy Fuck (Louie Padilla Sick Mix) – Whos’ Who

17. Hands Up (Original Mix) – Jesse Garcia

18. Get Away (Original Mix) – DJ Fist

19. Solace (Quivver Remix) – Lustral

20. The Price We Pay For Love (Flash Brothers Remix) – Lustral

21. Roadkill (Original Mix) – Dubfire

22. Remake (Club Mix) – DJ Marbrox

23. What Is (Original Mix) - Misjah

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