Guitar Hero

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rocktro house

When the smoke clears...
a little guitar makes all the difference
The rock crossover genre
is ripe for exposure
DJ's use "rocktro" remixes
to jam dance floors
Yet rarely do I see an exclusive collection
woven into black magic.

The perfect party cocktail
Guitar Heros unite

Rock on!


Guitar Hero - Club Tales 115

1. World Routes (London 909 & Facu Carri Remix) – DJ Chus

2. Love Key feat. Fisher (Original Club Edit) – Moussa Clarke

3. Soul to Bare (Vinny Troia Remix) – Joi Cardwell

4. What Planet You On (Junkyard Dog Mix) – Bodyrox, Luciana

5. Triple 7 (Original Mix) – Jan van Lier

6. Waiting For (Tim Royko Aka Tim Le El Mix) – Peter Gelderblom

7. Shit Just Stays (Original Mix) – PQM Project

8. Otherside (Rox & Taylor’s E-Retro Mix) – Rox & Taylor

9. Koochy (Original Mix) – Armand Van Helden

10. We Interrupt This Programme (Original Mix) – Coburn

11. Wink Wink (Blende Remix) – Fil OK

12. Osc Low Nyzz (Blende Remix) – Aeron San

13. When the Music’s Over (Vocal Mix) – Vinny Troia, Morrison

14. Rock Me (Alex Armes Remix) – Alex Armes

15. Space Bird (Liquid Soul Remix) – System 7

16. My Head (Para One Remix) – Boys Noize

17. Saturated Groove (Original Mix) – Adam Faz

18. Keep Steppin (Original Mix) – Golitcin

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