Groove Kollectiv

Style:Breaks, Progressive House, Electro House
Size:82.10 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language
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Progressive --> Funky --> Bumpin!

Part sounding board, party truth teller, part therapist...
These grooves keep you on your toes...
Draw on your emotions.
Load you with adrenaline!
A glamorous blend of flavors...
Creating a singular delicious house "Kollectiv"

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Groove Kollectiv - Club Tales 78

1. Kingston Logic (Pacifist Mix) – Terry Lynn

2. Mogul (Original Mix) – Matt Rowan

3. Shake It (Paul Rincon Remix) – Kid Massive

4. Going Deeper (Original Underground Mix) – Jeffrey & Calmani

5. Together (Original Mix) – Flash Brothers

6. Wheels in Motion (Chocolate Puma Remix) – F to the F

7. NGOM2 - George (Original Mix) – Olav Basoski

8. Glamorous Life (D.O.N.S. Remix) – Melissa Tkautz

9. Magic Carpet Ride 07 (Original Mix)/Ooh La Lishious (Extended Mix) – Mighty Dub Katz vs. Jaymen

10. For Your Love feat. Maya (Kobbe Mix) – Offer Nissim

11. Stop Gap (Original Mix) – Sebrof Divad

12. Duuurty Dreamz (Mind Electric’s Not So Duuurty Mix) – The Potbelleez

13. Music is Dope (Original Mix) – Micha Moor

14. Dance 2 (David Vendetta Remix) – Antoine Clamaron

15. The Hunter (Original Mix) – The Southern Brothers

16. Blade (Roberto Pantero Remix) – Warp Bros.

17. Waterfalls (Simon & Shaker Remix) – Da Groovemakers

18. Life (Lil Mo Life Mix) - ATFC

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