Girlz & Drumz

Style:Breaks, Progressive House
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Bitrate:192 kb/s
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A fit of enthusiastic progressive breaks

There's an anticipatory air hangin' over this mix...
Though this music is always morphing...
There's only ever one muzic - house muzic.
Always searching - with an ear for the balance of indulgence (girlz) and discipline (drumz)
I love it when the muzic is the glue!

Mixin' for life


Girlz & Drumz

1. Problem Is (John Carter Instrumental Mix) – Dub Pistols

2. Smoke Remixed (DJ Fex Remix) – Tommy Four Seven

3. Burma (Sasha Remix) – Lostep

4. Shake and Play (Original Mix) – Janette Slack

5. Sun Glass feat. MCR (Original Mix) – Urban J

6. Life in the Fast Lane (Dub Mix) – The Fun Da Mentalists

7. Acid Tool (Original Mix) – Mikael Jonasson feat. Ricky Stone

8. Jam On It (DMS12 Breaks Mix) – DMS12 vs. Nucleus

9. 12” Therapy (Bass Kleph Remix) – Robb G

10. The Bouncedown (Original Mix) – Strider

11. I Found Love (Original Mix) – Precision Cuts/Vigi

12. Say What (Hatiras Mix) – Soul Conspiracy

13. Layer Caked (Vlad Sokolov Remix) – Vize

14. Girlz (Simply Jeff & John Kelley) – Etostone

15. My Flava (Force Mass Motion Remix) – Rob Reng

16. Hard Way (Original Mix) – Plastic Shell

17. Blood for Blood (ID Mix) – Journeyman, Barrcode

18. 12” Therapy (Original Mix) – Robb G

19. Eraser Drumz (Drumapella Mix) - Rennie Pilgrim

20. Obey My Master (Original Mix) – Urban J

21. Automatic (C-Vaughn & J Virtue Remix) – Agent K/J-Break

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