Drummers United

Style:Tribal House
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tribal rising

You've got to believe in the drums
Take possession of the beats
Squeeze the spirits hard.

What's the latest global goings-on?
The dance floors speak of tribal rising!

Crank up the volume
Stick your face in the nearest bass bin.
Tribal madness feeds the soul

Drummers United


Drummers United - Club Tales 127

1. Native Woman (Di Paul Remix) – Crystal Symphony

2. Afrodance (Pedro Carrilhon Remix) – Shuffle Progression

3. My Etnico Drums (Original Mix) – DJ Sobrino

4. La Tropicana (Unreleased Mix) – La Tropicana

5. Shingaling (Rainer Weichhold Remix) – Jean Claude Ades, Vincent Thomas

6. Let the Rhythm feat. Kieran (Joubin & Nicola Torriero Remix) – Cytric

7. Mr. Congnitive (Original Mix) – DJ Issac S

8. Your Sax (Original Mix) – D Morales

9. Break 4 Love (Peter Rauhofer Tribeca Dub) – Collaboration

10. Sun Rising Up feat. Rebeka Brown (Chus & Ceballos Mix) – DJ Chus

11. Tribal Attakk (Bashar Gets Twisted Mix) – Joio DJ

12. Believe (Mobin Master (aka Tribalfunk) Remix) – Saeed Younan

13. The Brazilian Rainforest (Creative Mix) – DJ Paulo, Todd Dutkevitch

14. Song 4 Boom (Original Mix) – Steven

15. Funk That Underground (Original Mix) – Mike Kings

16. Love is Alive (Original Mix) – Not Farris

17. Dirty Sanchez (Austin Leeds Main Dirty Remix) – Thomas Penton

18. Bang Goes the Drum (Original Mix) – Willie Morales

19. Work It To The Bone (Tibal Tarante Remix) – LNR

20. Feeling You (Iberican Mix) – Mindskap

21. Power (Angelo Kortez Tribal Mix) – Protribe, Alan T

22. Tribal Defect (Original Mix) – DJ Care, DJ Keish

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