Club Tales 45

Style:Tech House
Size:54.95 MB
Bitrate:128 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language

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From Jefr’s weekly mix on Sirius Satellite radio, every Sunday at Midnight on Area 33
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Jefr Tale – Discover the Beats

No Time (tease) - AMB
Kaliber - Kaliber 4
Black - Phony MCs
Mexican - Thalia
Dem Girls - Mutiny
Pimp - Richard De La Bago
Testify - Ramirez
Journey Begins - Nine Mile Men
Dreams - Quench
Raw 2 Da Floor - Ben & Lex
Nasty - Chonga
Dark Rhythms - Black Out
El Matador - Mojado
Punk - Ferry Corsten
Café del Mar - Energy 52
Tribalero - Julio Pasados
c_/del*mp3 - Marco V
Redemption - Starchild
No Time - AMB
Never Lost His Hardcore - NRG
Revolution - Taiko