Club Tales 43

Style:Tribal House
Size:54.96 MB
Bitrate:128 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language

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From Jefr’s weekly mix on Sirius Satellite radio, every Sunday at Midnight on Area 33
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Jefr Tale – Discover the Beats

High Roller - Oliver
Need you baby - George & Nicky Curly
In stereo - Chus & Ceballos
Taking hold - Silencer
What is this sound - Peace Division
Start it up - Dirty German
Dirty Filthy - Super Chumbo
Amazonia - Circus Night
Give me more - RAF Fender
R U Feeling - Gene Carbonel & Decan
Ring the alarm - Dirty Donna
Zumba e’ - Antoine Clameron
Road runner - Tim Delux
Call it what you want - DJ Devy
Peyote Road - Elite Force
Give Me Fierce - UDG
Keep on Breathin - Peter Dildo
After Sphere - Martin H.
Fled - Ben and Lex
Shake Your Head - Aquasky
Thorax - +Dr.