Club Tales 40

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From Jefrís weekly mix on Sirius Satellite radio, every Sunday at Midnight on Area 33
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Jefr Tale Ė Discover the Beats

Kara Coma - Massive Attack
Schmoozin vs. Head - Fuck Pony / Jefr
Sanctuary - The Maverick
Jupiter Room - Digitalism
In Love with a Psychic - Jake Childs
Letís Do It Again - Cevin Fisher
Too Many DJs - DJ Lion
Afro Mundo - Tiger Stripes
The Insane - Super Blaster
Crank - Max Graham
Mass Repeat - Gabriel & Dresden
The Rhythm - 11th Dimension
Docker - Tom Pooks
Donít Make Me Come to Vegas - Tori Amos
Twisted - Tom LePitch
Pit Bull - Iberican Dog
Foreplay - Klaus Hill
Sorted - DJ B & Thurston