Club Tales 36

Style:Tech House
Size:82.42 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s
Warning:Explicit language

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From Jefr’s weekly mix on Sirius Satellite radio, every Sunday at Midnight on Area 33

Jefr Tale – Discover the Beats

Bleeep - Martjin Van Veldon
Immigrant Song (dirty) - Led Zeppelin
I need you - Cytic
Mutated - Bolz Bolz
Overneath - Aquasky / Meat Katie
Inferior - Sa vs Star Fire
Layered Cake - Vize
Girl….you got it goin’ - (white)
Building something funky - Funky Technician
EchoVibe - Outfunk
Steal the Funk - Kawatin
We Are Advancing - The Enemy
Bouncin Off the Walls - Nine lives
Drum Pan Bass - Deep Cut
Full Burn - Funky Technician
Uptown - Wilko
The Beat - E-Craig