Club Tales 18

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From Jefr’s weekly mix on Sirius Satellite radio, every Sunday at Midnight on Area 33

Jefr Tale – Discover the Beats

Water Melon - Mendo
Just only Living - Raul Blanco
Touched by God - Katcha
Secret Planet - Camp and Luet Wyler
The Strong Rhythm - Manaca, Chus & Ceballos
All about Love - Darko
Jungle of Mirror - Milo
Hideaway - Delacy
Breathe - Mode Hookers
Heat - Jerome Ismae
You R - Chris Cargo
This is why you’re here - DJ Paulo
Obsession - Urban Advance
Tribal Function - Angel Moraes
Movin - Paranoid Jack
Quetzalcoatl - Klang and Dalek
Things we do.. - The Frek
Wave 2.1 - Alex Kowalski
Outbreak - Phillipe
The Nite Ripper - House Tronik