Bump Guru

Style:Breaks, Progressive House, Tribal House, Electro House
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Bitrate:192 kb/s
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Dirty Progressive Sexy Grind

Finding your place among the curvy walls...
and sexy sounds.
Its all about Beat poet simplicity with
Street Hustler Flash!
There is an aura about it all...
double happiness.
In an outstanding cloud of great music we all become Bump Gurus!
If your bumpin'
I'm doin' my job.


Bump Guru - Club Tales 90

1. Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit) – Deadmau5

2. Riding Armadillos (Paolo Mojo Remix) – Delta Sierra Clinic

3. Lick It (Original Mix)/ Sexy Fuck (Willie Morales Mix) – Luke Dzierek/ Who’s Who

4. Samir’s Theme (Tim Le El Remix) – King Amir

5. Multistorey (Original Mix) – Koma & Bones

6. Everything You Feel (DJ Cytric Remix) – Tarot

7. I Like to Dance feat. Alex Hunt (Part 2 mix) – Diovanni, JC Matzer

8. Skyscraper (Original Mix) – Koma & Bones

9. I Dance U (Original Mix) – DarftPhunk, Slackshot

10. Guru (Meat Katie Remix) – Vigi, Nectarios

11. Silver Service (Original Mix) – Hook n Sling

12. Another Man (Malente Remix) – Rivera Rotation

13. Scatterbox (Original Mix) – Soul of Man

14. Dirty Waltzer (Original Mix) – Soul of Man

15. Dirty Waltzer (Trouble Soup Mix) – Soul of Man

16. The Bump and Grind (Original Mix) – Andrew Friendly

17. Love (Left Leg Remix) & (Right Leg Remix) – Vigi

18. Deviate (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) – Mike Epic

19. Check It Out (44 Remix) – Force Mass Motion

20. Hip Hop Aloola (Original Mix) – Flore

21. Morfo (Original Mix) - Mojado

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