Art Basel - Miami Beach

Style:Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House
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progressive cocktail

The boozy haze of
art, chatter and paparazzi.
Streets flowing with Veuve & Euros!
Peeling back the glam surface,
there's an impulse to
consume large quantities of house.
And this perfect
early evening cocktail soundtrack.
Air kissing fashionistas -
grinding to the progressive beats -
it hardly gets more divine than this.

Mixing for the fabulous in all of us!


Art Basel - Miami Beach - Club Tales 117

1. This Sound (Murat Tepeli’s What Time Is Love? Remix) – Def Jaguar, Flip (DK)

2. Meet Me In Kyoto (Original Mix) – TyDi

3. DEep (Samuel Davis Deep4life Mix) –Sascha Dive

4. I’m In Love feat. Rob Carroll (Rasmus Faber Epic Instrumental) – Studio Apartment

5. Moan (Trentemoller Dub Remix) – Trentemoller

6. Air Walker (Original Mix) – Cooccer

7. Shiny Walk (Atlantica 16 Bit Mix) – Arion Grey, Dave Ferol

8. Thujon (Original Mix) – Daso

9. Inbound (Ismael Rivas Remix) – Prompt, D-Formation

10. Over the Ice (Original Mix) – The Field

11. Bells of Brighton (Popof Remix) – Steve Mac, Mark Brown

12. Sombatiki (Plusminus Mix) – Andrea Oliva

13. A Black Man In Space (Original Mix) – Son of Raw

14. Panchakarma (Original Mix) – Monika Kruse, Gregor Thresher

15. Tucan (Original Mix) – Martin Eyerer, Stephan Hinz

16. Beyond the Shadows (Moonbeam Remix) – Lens

17. Jupiter Calling (Original Mix) – Thomas Schwartz

18. Single Gun (Subsky’s Solid Mix) – Subsky

19. Over the Gravity (The Scrubz Remix) – The Quasar

20. Omega 3 (Original Mix) – Global Twins

21. Eli (James Zabiela’s Rave Lizard Mix) - Ficta

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