Jamie Kent

Jamie’s musical career began early in her youth when she learned to play the violin at age nine. She quickly excelled at the instrument and realized that she had an innate gift for all that is music. She went on to learn to play piano, and later the bass guitar. Finally, when she was 17 she fell into the exciting and mysterious world of underground dance music, and discovered her greatest passion of all. She was immediately intrigued with the music and began to watch other DJs and study the way they intricately blended records together. Jamie knew this was the musical outlet she had been searching for her whole life. She saved all of her money, and was finally able to purchase her first set of turntables, along with a Pioneer mixer at age 21. Almost immediately, Jamie began playin’ at house parties and clubs throughout Colorado.
Since 1998, Jamie has been rockin’ the decks all over the mid-west, and has been a staple in the Colorado electronic music scene. She has held several key residencies for some of Denver's top promoters and clubs, including a long-time residency at the infamous Snake Pit and current residency at Denver’s largest club, Club Vinyl. Jamie has opened for some of the biggest names in the world, and her most notable achievements to date include being nominated for Best Female DJ by the Colorado Electronic Music Association (CEMA), winning first place at a DJ spin-off competition in Denver and being asked to play at the Winter Music Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Today Jamie is best known for her ability to read a crowd and play some of the darkest, most intelligent techie tracks that exist. She has a knack for playing dirty and nasty, and both her mixing and programming are impeccable. Her distinctive blend of sinister tech-house and progressive sounds always send the weak packing and keep the crowd begging for more. She has also begun producing music, and has plans to release her first track in the near future.
Jamie is also the founder of Angelic, a Denver based all-female collective that features Denver’s top female talent, including Jamie and DJs mLe, Etain and Ms. Vicious. These four ladies host several monthly residencies at some of Denver’s top clubs. Keep an eye out for these girls, and for this up-and-coming DJ. She’s out to prove that her unique combination of raw talent, flawless mixing, and superb track selection make her stand out from the rest.

Angelic - a Denver based all female DJ collective
Posted 2021-09-24 15:16:58

Many exciting things are happeneing for my new collective, Angelic! Please visit angelicdjs.com for more information.

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Latest Mix: Both Hands on the Wheel

Both Hands on the Wheel!!!
Style:Tech House
Venue:Frisky Radio
Size:83.80 MB
Bitrate:192 kb/s

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A mix to drive to!

This recording aired on "Paradigm" on www.FriskyRadio.com, 4/10/06.

1. Philler – Choice
2. Guido Schneider – Channel One
3. DJ T. – Stalker
4. Onur Ozer – Envy
5. Martinez – Solarbeams
6. Dave DK – This is Not a Problem
7. Martini Bros. – Joystick
8. Copy Shop – Mystery Guest (Steve Kotey Mix)
9. Sound Mekanik – Wanna Get Wet (Buick Project Remix)
10. Catwash – Acid Enema
11. Sweet n Candy – Saltlick CT
12. Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin - Miranda

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